Rebranding Project

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Train station showing rebranded Burma-Shave display advertising

Burma-Shave’s old look was all about nostalgia: your grandfather’s shaving cream. The challenge was to make the brand relevant to young men while keeping the product affordable and appealing to the average American guy.

brand grids showing the old-fashioned Burma-Shave brand complete with a pipe-smoking middle aged white guy, and the new vision for the brand in crisp, cool colors with young men of various ethnicities

Guiding principles of the old Burma-Shave were convenience, quality, and a down-to-earth, friendly accessibility. The new brand had to embrace the skincare needs of a younger market while retaining those core principles.

New Burma-Shave logo, palette, and 'bug'

I capitalized on the old Burma-Shave road signs, still the most-remembered aspect of the brand, with a few ads designed to be viewed serially.

a smiling black man in a suit holding a bunch of white roses behind his back, captioned 'look sharp'

a white man in a white shirt looks at the camera as a woman's lips enter the frame to kiss him, captioned 'smell good'

an east Asian man in a suit with his hand to his smooth-shaven chin, captioned 'get clean'

a white man in a shirt and tie smiles as he buttons his cuffs, captioned 'feel great'

Packaging echoes the basic brand statement of simplicity and style within reach. Products are designed to stand out on the shelves, where the majority of men’s skincare lines have heavy, saturated colors. Burma-Shave looks fresh and different.

assortment of Burma-Shave products, clean white against a blue background

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