Awareness Campaign

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a poster showing a hand holding a cell phone. The poster says 'Sign up for the warning that could save your life.'

The client, the UCSF Police Department, needed a multi-channel campaign promoting the WarnMe emergency notification system. The goal was to get faculty, staff, and students to sign up by entering their contact information on the WarnMe website.

I designed and produced several different posters, which were displayed on easels at strategic campus locations.

poster with identical text to the one above, but the image is flames against a black background

I also designed and produced a flyer, which was circulated to all campus mailboxes, and an email sent to every campus email address. The WarnMe website was given a similar look and feel.

flyer with similar design to the cell phone poster above, but additional language instructing readers how to set up their WarnMe account

The conversion rate for this campaign exceeded 8%.